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Steadfast 1558

What is Steadfast 1558

A Christ-centered life-coaching group for men to reinforce their own proactive, offensive and "Shield of Faith" based determination to remain steadfast in this highly sexualized world.

1 Corinthians 15: 58

Who is it for?

  1. For any man who desires to be faithful with his sexual behaviors and thoughts.  
  2. For a ministry leader who desires to help men in the area of sexual purity
  3. No Shame Zone - for men who can be real , participate in frank discussion and encourage each other.

Who leads it?

Richard Morton is a Christian Sexual Educator, a Recovery group leader who has facilitated over 600 meetings, a Stephen Minister and Stephen Ministry Leader and a speaker

The Details

What happens?

  • One hour weekly group coaching sessions
  • Interactive with all team members engaged
  • No book to read, stand-alone strategies
  • Nine foundational scriptures
  • Facilitator led, safe boundaries
  • Supporting God's design for sexuality

Where are they located?

Two groups are forming in:

  • Kennesaw - Monday nights
  • Dunwoody - Tuesday nights

New group coming soon:

  • Chattanooga - January 2018

Informational Meetings

  • Text 404-954-2559 with your name and which location you are interested in.  
  • A meeting will be set up to give you the basic information about the group and answer any questions you may have.

Simple fee

  • Flat monthly rate of $58.00 
  • Due first meeting of the month
  • Cash or Paypal
  • This group is limited to 15 men

Who the coaching session is designed for

  • Christian men who desire to be proactive in living a sexually pure life
  • A man who mentors, or is an accountability partner for a man struggling with sexual purity
  • A man who has completed a program or group for an addiction to Sex or Porn


After 15 years of ministry and facilitating over 600 meetings, I have heard many stories, frustrations, despair from over a thousand men.  I have also watched as hope returns, despair turns into peace and then it turns toward joy.  

Encouraging men to think on things that are pure, while acknowledging the challenge of this age and helping them to build close friendships is my way of giving back to those who have been there for me.


Contact Us

Want to know more?

Steadfast 1558

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Coaching Sessions

Monday - 5:45 PM. Kennesaw

Tuesday - 5:45 PM Dunwoody

Chattanooga TN - January 2018